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Accredited first aid courses

AP Rescue, s. r. o. holds a valid accreditation of the first aid course issued by the decision of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic No. S14544-2023-OZV-7 dated 23.03.2023.

First aid course

Graduates of the 8-hour course will gain basic knowledge on how to provide first aid in life-threatening situations. Accredited first aid courses are carried out per the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic 398/2010 for groups and individual applicants.

First aid at schools

We also implement first aid experientially in schools all over Slovakia. We teach children the basics of first aid in an age-appropriate way. They can try what it is like to be a miniature rescuer for a moment or to sit in an ambulance as a patient.

Experiential first aid courses

Model situations imitating actual injuries, which, with their authenticity, plunge you right into the action. You will try first aid in simulated conditions and put yourself as a rescuer for a few hours. Experience courses are a popular part of various corporate or social events.

First aid course for parents

An experiential first aid course for all who come into contact with children. Graduates will get the necessary information and learn the basics of first aid for children. During the course, we emphasise specific injuries and medical complications characteristic of children, starting from birth.

Advantages of the service

Put yourself in the hands of true experts in this field.

  • Healthcare professionals.
  • Officially accredited courses of the MoH of the SR.
  • High course authenticity.
  • Providing first aid in simulated situations.
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  • Who is a paramedic?

    The exercise of the paramedic profession requires either a university degree in emergency health care, a higher vocational education in the field of study of diploma paramedic or a complete secondary vocational education in the field of study of paramedic. All our paramedics have completed the required medical education and various other forms of education in the form of specialised courses, training and retraining.

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