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Rental and sale of equipment

We provide ambulances for rental for various cultural events, such as filming TV shows or series. We also offer sales and service of medical equipment. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

Movies or series

Our ambulances are a regular feature on TV programmes.

Sales, rental and service

We provide medical equipment such as an external defibrillator.

Advantages of the service

Put yourself in the hands of true experts in this field.

  • Professional medical equipment.
  • Cultural, social or sports events.
  • Fast and reliable technology delivery.
  • You can rely on us in any situation.
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  • Who is a paramedic?

    The exercise of the paramedic profession requires either a university degree in emergency health care, a higher vocational education in the field of study of diploma paramedic or a complete secondary vocational education in the field of study of paramedic. All our paramedics have completed the required medical education and various other forms of education in the form of specialised courses, training and retraining.